Oilfield Software

EDR Software

Laversab LINKS is an on-rig EDR software application that records and displays all surface parameters in real-time. Laversab LINKS can also collect & translate 3rd party data into WITS 0 or WITSML (v1.3.1 or 1.4.1). Well data is presented on both time-based and depth-based charts and can be displayed in metric or imperial units. Drilling and surface data can be analyzed to provide hydraulic, kick and kill, swab information, lithology, and custom calculations. All data can be exported to a customized Tour Sheet or Daily Report. Laversab LINKS can also be customized to meet clients’ specific requirements.

WITSML Real-time Client

Laversab WellNode is a real-time remote application that allows seamless transmission of well data from the rig to the office. Laversab WellNode is a cloud-based application that enables time-based and depth-based visualization and analysis of data across all client wells for correlation. Both real-time and historical data can be viewed and analyzed to assist decision-making. WellNode supports LAS, CSV, and WITSML data. Detailed reports are generated from within the application. Laversab WellNode can be customized to add additional client-relevant information.


Laversab WITSML Server is a cloud-based application for storing and accessing well data in the WITSML format (v.1.3.1 or 1.4.1). Client WITSML data is secured, held independently, and available 24/7. Laversab can customize the WITSML Server to meet formats specific to clients.