MWD Surface Systems


Model 4104 / 4152 / 4160

The Model 4100 series MWD Surface Systems incorporate the most accurate and reliable positive pulse MWD decoding right on the rig floor, with transmission of decoded data over a long range wireless connection for further viewing, analysis or collection. The 41xx units include a complete software suite including Toolface display, Tool Config, Roll Test and much more. Available in 10.4”, 15” and 19” display sizes, the Model 41xx series of systems boast a proven track record with nearly 1500 systems in operation around the world. A separate tool programming interface incorporates the long range wireless receiver, and multiple antenna placement options allow for “difficult” locations and obstacles on site. With an onboard WITS server and Generic Variables for 3rd party equipment, the 41xx systems are the most accommodating and dependable surface gear for your new or existing MWD kits.

3200 Zone-1 Driller’s Display Unit (DDU)

Model 3200

The ultra-compact DDU is intrinsically safe, fully sealed (NEMA-4) and can be used in hazardous outdoor environments (including Zone 1 areas), under severe vibration, over a temperature range of –20oC to 50oC. The transflective display and LED backlighting provide excellent viewability under all ambient light conditions. This is the perfect driller’s display for displaying information from MWD surface systems and other Rig-floor monitoring systems.


Model 4100

This compact unit is designed for use on the Rig Floor and functions as the Tool Interface for the downhole Directional Tool. The pressure transmitter on the pump connects directly to the 4100 and allows the built-in XXT Receiver to decode the mud-pulses generated by the down-hole tool. The 4100 displays all the relevant information received from the tool. It also sends this information through a wireless interface to a safe-area laptop PC for viewing, logging and further analysis. The 4100 along with a safe-area PC provides a complete surface system for the directional tool. Best of all, the 4100 is compatible with various popular directional tools that feature the QDT system.