PLC Connector to WITSML™

PLC Connector to WITSML™

The Laversab PLC Connector converts PLC well data to WITSML formats. The PLC Connector enables equipment data to be analyzed with drilling data. Operators and service companies can derive insights on rig equipment performance correlates to drilling performance. They can also monitor equipment to predict and prevent failures.

PLC Connector supports Modbus TCP/IP, OPC, SLC 500 (Rockwell/Allen Bradley), Step 7 (Siemens), and other protocols.

Data across multiple rigs and fields can be compared and analyzed to provide insights into true overall performance. Custom analysis and reports are available from Laversab.

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Data visualization


Data presentation

Excel reporting of raw data

Protocol Capabilities

Siemens, Rockwell, OPC DA, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RS232/485

WITSML™ Data exchange

Versions 1.3.1 & 1.4.1


Import multiple tags from file