EDR Software: LINKS

EDR Software: LINKS

Laversab LINKS is a rig-ready software package built for the Laversab EDR as well as 3rd party EDRs. It is responsible for acquiring surface parameters, formatting into WITS0 or WITSML, and transmitting or storing the data. LINKS calculates both time-based and depth-based measurements.

LINKS is responsible for making real-time surface parameters available to the driller, operator, and offsite stakeholders. Key Performance Indicators, Tour Sheets, and Daily Reports are also managed by the LINKS. LINKS also has modules for Lithology, Swab, Well Planning, and Ton-Mile calculations.

LINKS is available for daily rent as well as purchase. License access and entitlements can be managed online.

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Expandible to 300+ variables per rig

Rig Clients

Multiple local LINKS clients supported for each LINKS Server

Display Update Rate

<1 sec

Database Update Rate

1 – 5 sec (user configurable)

Recording Interval

0.1 feet or 0.1-meter increments

Data Presentation

Time-based & depth-based graphs, charts, and reports

Indicators options: Gauges, Numerics, Charts


Automated time & depth reports

KPI report

User configurable reports

Calculated Data

Drilling Operation

Hydraulic (Riser Compensation)

Kick & Kill

Pressure Tests

Custom Formulas


Tour Sheet / Daily Report


Ton Miles

Key Performance Indicators


Alarms & Surveillance

Simultaneous Video Streams Supported (x2)

Hardware Alarms

Software-defined Alarms


Serial: 4 Channels

TCP/IP: 6 Channels

WITSML™ Data Exchange

Version 1.3.1 and 1.4.1

Language Support

English & Spanish

Special Features

Chat, Video Surveillance, Custom formula creator, Remote Viewing thru WellNode

Exported Data Formats

Ascii, Excel, LAS 2.0, LAS 3.0, WITSML™ 1.3

Protocols Supported

Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus 232/485, OPC real-time exchange, & customer protocols