Depth Tracking Add-on

Depth Tracking Add-on

The Laversab Depth Tracking Add-on is a PCB that can be added to existing Laversab systems. It is capable of recording depth data while drilling and can interface with Zone 1 encoders and hook-load sensors. It includes easy-to-use software for sensor calibration, data recording, and advanced logging.

Depth data is formatted as WITS0 and/or WITSML. It can be stored locally or used by any external applications. If no EDR is available, the Depth Tracking add-on can act as the primary depth logger.

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Technical Specifications

Product Type:

Depth Tracker add-on for Laversab platform


ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 (System) & Zone 1 (Sensors)

Sensor I/O:

1x Encoder, 1x Hook-load, 1x Slips, 3x 4-20mA spare channels


Ex nA nC

RS422 / 485:

Ex nA nC

Encoder Interface:

Ex ib

Hook-load Interface:

Ex ib

Manual Slip Switch Interface:

Ex ib

Spare 4-20mA channels:

Ex ib

Sensors (optional)


Hohner & Dynapar supported; others optional


Advanced Sensor Design & Hohner supported; others optional

Slips switch:

Digital sensor OR auto-detect


Length:1ft – 250ft options

Quality: Hard Usage

Application software

Pre-loaded Software:

Laversab LINKS Depth Tracker

Data formats:

WITS0 / WITSML™ / custom formats


Depth vs MWD & LWD

Gamma Logging

Resistivity Logging

Relogging functionality