About Laversab

Since 1982, Laversab has been a leading supplier to the Oilfield Services industry for Rig-Floor Computers, MWD Wireless Surface Systems, Smart Terminals, Driller’s Displays, and Vehicle-mounted computers that are certified for hazardous locations. Laversab products are used on land, in-vehicle, and off-shore by our customers. These products provide our customers a step-function in efficiency by consolidating separate systems into one solution.

Laversab models are certified for Class 1 Div I, Class 1 Div II, ATEX Zone 1 or ATEX Zone 2 hazardous locations. Our products are fully sealed (NEMA-4/ IP66), operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C, and handle the severe vibrations typical of oil rigs and truck-mounted systems.

Laversab will also work with our customers to customize a solution that meets their needs. We have integrated customer specific hardware and maintained a Hazloc certification for the system. At Laversab, our customers are our top priority, so we provide outstanding service and support to ensure their operations move smoothly.

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