HeadquartersSugar Land (Houston), Texas, USA.

Laversab Sales & Service CentersCanada, Germany, & Taiwan.

Distribution & Support CentersUAE, Oman, Brazil, India, Russia.

World-wide Product Deployment>5,000 Systems

For over 30 years, Laversab has been a leader in supplying the oilfield service industry with computers and displays that are certified for hazardous locations. Laversab products are the preferred choice for Measurement While Drilling surface systems, Rig Floor Computers, Smart Terminals, Driller’s Displays, and custom oilfield applications. Our innovative designs are engineered to survive in the most rugged and extreme environments, while housed in a sleek, light and completely portable package. Customers who demand excellence in innovation, reliability, and service choose Laversab as their preferred provider.

HazLoc Certification is our expertise

Our products are certified for Class 1 Div I, Class 1 Div II, ATEX Zone 1 or ATEX Zone 2, as well as IECEx certifications. Our units are fully sealed (NEMA-4/ IP66), operate over a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C and are capable of handling the severe vibrations typical of oil rigs and truck-mounted systems. These hazardous area certified systems are used in numerous applications including MWD (Measurement While Drilling), EDR (Electronic Drilling Recorder), RFC (Rig-Floor Computer), DHC (Dog House Computer), TTM (Torque Turn Monitoring), DDU (Driller’s Display Unit) and LWD (Logging While Drilling). Often our systems are used to monitoring pumps, pits, pressure, flow rates, weight on bit and other drilling and monitoring applications.

Innovation is built into our culture

Laversab built the industry’s first wireless MWD Surface System for directional drillers and MWD operators. This system’s unique wireless capability and excellent pulse-decoding reliability have made it a renowned success in the MWD industry. Our Model 3200 ATEX Zone 1/IECEx certified Driller’s Display is the smallest Zone 1 system on the market with a weight of less than 10 lbs and a sunlight readable 10.4” display. Laversab also provides computers and displays for truck-mounted oilfield applications including work-over rigs, service rigs, vehicle-mounted HMI’s and monitoring stations. And we can customize our products to meet specific requirements. With our wide range of products, we can satisfy your computing requirements in the demanding oilfield environment.

Reliability keeps our customers (and us) moving.

Laversab is committed to providing reliable, high quality products to the oilfield industry. We have a well established company-wide quality policy and our headquarters near Houston, TX is fully ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Every member of the Laversab team participates in the continual improvement of our quality process and takes pride in our products and services. Our outstanding customer support is undoubtedly the best in the industry.