WITSML Real-time Client

WITSML Real-time Client

Laversab WellNode is a real-time remote application that allows seamless transmission of well data from the rig to the office. Laversab WellNode is a cloud-based application that enables time-based and depth-based visualization and analysis of data across all client wells for correlation. Both real-time and historical data can be viewed and analyzed to assist decision-making. WellNode supports LAS, CSV, and WITSML data. Detailed reports are generated from within the application. Laversab WellNode can be customized to add additional client-relevant information.

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Data visualization

Real-time & Historical


Remote from rig

Data Presentation

Time- and depth-based graphs, reports, and comments with directional data


Tour sheet, Daily reports, KPI report

Calculated Data

drilling operation, hydraulic, kick & kill, custom formulas


Visual, Email, & Configurable


Multiple configurable

WITSML Data Exchange

Version 1.3.1 and 1.4.1

Language Support

English & Spanish


International & Imperial

Exported Data Formats

Ascii, Excel, LAS 2.0, LAS 3.0, WITSML 1.3