What accessories are compatible with the ARTS 7000?

​Transit Case (P/N: 118-2253) 
Use the transit case to protect and as a shipping box. ​

Telescope Antenna (P/N: 123-0239) 
Use the telescope antenna to test Nav/Comm functions. ​

​Pulse Antenna (P/N: 123-0230) 
Use the Pulse Antenna to test Transponder/DME functions. ​

Antenna Coupler (P/N: 123-0237) 
Use the antenna coupler to improve the communication between the aircraft and the pulse antenna.  ​

​Wi-Fi antenna (P/N: 
The Wi-Fi antenna must be connected to ARTS 7000 to provide a signal. ​

Tripod (P/N: 118-2286) 
The tripod is to mount the Pulse antenna.

​Accessory Case (P/N: 118-1945) 
Use the Accessory case to storage antennas and cables. ​

​Antenna Adapter (P/N: 116-00349) 
Use the male to male BNC coupler to mount the telescope antenna on the tripod.

​6 ft Coaxial cable (P/N: 117-0487) Optional  
20 ft Coaxial cable (P/N: 117-0488) Standard  
60 ft Coaxial cable (P/N: 117-0489) Optional  
Use the Coaxial cable to connect the Pulse antenna for the transponder/DME test or as an extension of the telescope for the NAV/COMM test. ​

​Power Cables Options  
US Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1228]  
UK Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1328]  
Europe Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1268]  
Swiss Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1311]  
India Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1260]  
China Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1425]  
Australia Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1440] 
Use the power cable to connect your ARTS to AC. ​

Battery pack (P/N: 115-1282) 
Use the battery pack as a spare battery for your ARTS unit.

​External Attenuator (P/N: 123-0235) 
Use the External Attenuator to extend the usable range of RF output power and perform sensitivity checks. Mountable Low-Profile, TNC M/F conn, bidirectional.