Laversab avionics test equipment sets the standard in our industry. Laversab is the first manufacturer to build both Avionics RF and Air Data Test Sets. From ramp testers to calibration standards, Laversab provides a wide range of avionics test equipment to meet our customers’ requirements. We include industry-leading warranty and have a network of service centers across the world to stand by our commitment to our customers’ success.


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About Laversab

Laversab is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative products to the aviation industry. Our line of Automated RVSM Air Data Testers and Avionics RF Test Sets are used worldwide by hundreds of customers. Laversab solutions span across Commercial, Business, Military, and General Aviation sectors, for both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

At Laversab, our customers are our top priority. We aim to meet their needs by providing highly reliable products and outstanding service to ensure our customers can test their aircraft on time. Laversab has factory-authorized service and calibration centers around the world to provide exceptional service and rapid turnarounds on testers and test sets. We are committed to customer success.


Press Releases

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Case Study: Laboratory Testing Solutions, Leading European Airline The Honeywell/Sperry ADT-222A used to be the workhorse of any PART 145 avionics shop for years. As an Air Data Tester, it is respected worldwide for its accuracy and reliability, but the instrument has been getting old in recent years, and some companies are finding them difficult and costly to [...]

We test a police helicopter in the Asian jungle!

Toward the end of 2019, the city police department of a major south-east Asian city tasked the Laversab Asia-Pacific team with helping them better manage their helicopter fleet. The helicopters are primarily used for search & rescue operations, escort of VIPs and deployed in the southern part of the country for peacekeeping and law enforcement. [...]

Laversab, Inc. Introduces Removable Battery Pack

Sugar Land, TX, October 25, 2017 – Laversab Inc.’s new removable battery pack option reinvents mobility for all air data checks. The new Battery Pack option for Model 6200 series, 6300 & 6600-NG units allows customers to use an eight-hour battery when they don’t have access to AC power. This makes the Laversab Removable Battery [...]