Model 6150: Digital Air Data & Leak Tester

Model 6150: Digital Air Data & Leak Tester

The 6150 Tester connects directly to an aircraft’s Pitot and Static system. It allows the user to simulate altitude, airspeed, and VSI and also to perform leak checks on both the Pitot and Static systems of an aircraft. The high accuracy of the digital transducers used in the tester makes it suitable for performing leak checks on any aircraft. The tester has built-in, high-capacity vacuum and pressure pumps that make it capable of handling leak-checks on any type of aircraft, including wide-body transport and cargo aircraft. Leak values are clearly displayed in 1, 3, and 5 minutes intervals. Several protection features are included in the tester to reduce the possibility of damage to the aircraft instruments. The solid-state transducers are immune to damage due to pressure surges. Calibration is required only once a year.

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Static Port


0.008 inHg
8 ft. @ 0 ft.
24 ft. @ 35,000 ft.
48 ft. @ 50,000 ft.


-2000 to 60,000 ft.


1 foot / 0.001 inHg


0 to 10,000 ft/min

Leak Resolution:

1 ft/min

Pitot Port


0.008 inHg
2.0 knots @ 50 knots
1.0 knots @ 100 knots
0.5 knots @ 200 knots
0.2 knots @ 500 knots


0 to 500 knots


0.1 knot / 0.001 inHg

Leak Resolution:

0.1 knot/min



Feet, meters, inHg, mbar


knots, kmph, inHg, mbar

Power Requirement

90-260 VAC, 47-440 Hz, 50 VA

Dimensions & weights

18″ x 12″ x 7″ / 18 lbs

Environmental Specs

Operating temp.

0°C to 50°C

Storage temp.:

-40°C to 75°C


5 to 100%


One-year calibration interval
No warm-up time
Protection from over-range of altitude & airspeed
Protection from negative airspeed
Solid state transducers withstand pressure surges
Precision metering valves allow very fine control
Built-in pressure and vacuum pumps
High-capacity pumps can overcome large leaks
Simultaneous leak-checks on Pitot and Static
Programmable Leak-timers from 1 to 20 minutes
Leak-check results saved during power-loss
Unit can be operated on aircraft power (110 VAC/ 400 Hz)


Leak-checking of any aircraft, helicopter or UAV (regardless of RVSM compliance)
Accuracy checks of altimeters, airspeeds, VSI’s and ADC’s on non-RVSM aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s
Line-maintenance checks performed by airlines


Part Number
Model 6150 - Air Data & Leak Tester (Non-RVSM)