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About Laversab

Since 1982, Laversab has been dedicated to providing reliable and innovative products to the aviation industry. Our line of Automated RVSM Pitot Static Testers and Air Data Test Sets are used worldwide by hundreds of customers in the Commercial, Business, Military, and General Aviation sectors, for both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft.

At Laversab, our customers are our top priority. We aim to meet their needs by providing highly reliable products and outstanding service to ensure our customers can test their aircraft on time. Laversab has factory-authorized service and calibration centers around the world to provide exceptional service and rapid turnarounds on testers and test sets.


Press Releases

Introducing the Laversab WITS0 to WITSML Converter

The LINKS Collector can handle a wide range of data formats. Regardless of the format your data is currently in, our converter ensures a smooth and accurate conversion to WITSML™.

Laversab ARTS-7000 Boeing Validation

Laversab, Inc., is announcing immediately that we have received full fleet validation and approval with Boeing for our Laversab ARTS-7000 Avionics Radio Test System.

8 Hours, I hear you say?

8 Hours, I hear you say? Many of the smaller MRO 145 operations are the lifeblood of our Industry and the general aviation community at large. These 145 operations are often required to perform tests on Aircraft parked outside of a busy and invariably full hanger or at the end of a runway. The external [...]