Aero India 2015

Aero India 2015 was unquestionably a glorious success. Going into it, Laversab Aviation Systems’ consulting group was cognizant of the extraordinary number of potential leads and copious prospective connections – waiting to congeal into wondrous business relationships. Fortunately all that happened – and much more. Leads from industries all around the globe were captured, and robust relationships developed – making Laversab Aviation Systems an even more formidable presence in the aviation systems market. And with fierce competition, this activity – this commitment to reach out to the copious aviation professionals and intellectuals – has put Laversab Aviation Systems another step further ahead of its competition, becoming an even greater market presence than it has ever been in the past. Laversab Aviation Systems continues to strive for the best; despite its unprecedented success, the organization is constantly looking for ways to become even more efficient, innovative, and entrepreneurial.

Prime Minister Modi – A Captivating Inaugural Speech

The convention kicked off with a bang, as Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodar Modi, confidently led the inauguration of Aero India 2015. All who were present watched with admiration, as the charismatic government official’s peerless prose was not only informing and edifying, but also impressively entertaining. The Laversab Aviation Systems team was honored to be a part of such an important convention filled with many prodigious minds like Mr. Modi. It’s not often that one gets the opportunity to witness a global figure from up close.


A Prodigious Attendance

The highly edifying and entertaining speech from Prime Minister Modi was just the first of a long list of highlights from the event. A strong presence of staff from all divisions of the HAL and Indian Air Force was also quite intriguing for many. The mixture of private and public organizations provided a very insightful juxtaposition of how each go about their daily business – in essence, a microcosm, depicting how the two operate outside of the aviation arena. The major international players come from all over the globe and, contrary to what the charlatans may think, consist of both public and private organizations. In fact, so many participants made the trip to the convention that this edition of Aero India saw the maximum stalls – a great feat for an convention, no matter how prestigious or well-known.

A bevy of Laversab’s products were on display, from the 6270, to the 6300-M3 (As M6), to the 6580, and even the Fuel Tank Leak Tester for Su-30MKI. All were looked upon with admiration and intense interest from a vast majority of those present at the convention, making this convention, without question, one of the best Aero India conventions to date.


Future Tradeshows

With the Aero India 2015 Trade Show being such a great hit, Laversab Aviation Systems has made a commitment to continue participating in such captivating events – looking to make lasting, robust connections with the many brilliant minds in the aviation industry. 2015 is going to be an exciting time for Laversab, as the number of Trade Shows that the prodigious company will attend has doubled since recent times. The list of upcoming shows can be found on the Trade Shows page under the News section of the website.