RF Avionics

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  • OSM: Output Switching Module

    The OSM is highly recommended for use with the 6600 and 6600-M4H when there are 12 to 16 hose-connections to the aircraft adapters.

  • Avionics Radio Test Set: ARTS-7000

    The Laversab ARTS-7000 is a multifunction all-in-one Avionics Radio Test System – ARTS. It is designed to meet all aircraft radio test requirements in a single unit. The ARTS-7000 is controlled wirelessly – whether from inside the cockpit or around the aircraft. It is controlled via a simple yet intuitive touch-screen interface. The ARTS-7000 is built to reduce upfront costs, simplify aircraft testing, and cover both current & future radio test requirements.

    Standard tests: Radio Communication, Navigation, Distance Measuring Equipment, Mode S, ADSB, Emergency Location Transmitters

    Optional tests: TCAS, UAT, GPS

    The ARTS-7000 is user configurable and expandable to meet future avionics requirements. It is built to test any airborne platform, including General aviation, Commercial airliners, helicopters, and military applications.