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  • Model 6580/6580-HA: Automated Air Data Test Set

    NSN: 4920 01 611 1045 (Model 6580-HA)

    The 6580 & 6580-HA (High-Accuracy) Air Data Test Sets are rack-mount units with built-in pressure and vacuum pumps featuring quiet operation. These test sets can be used to test and calibrate altimeters, airspeed / Mach indicators, Climb indicators, Flight data recorders, Air data computers, and EPR indicators. The high accuracy of these units meets all RVSM requirements. Also, they need to be calibrated only once a year. The use of “Profiles” makes it possible for the operator to run through a test using only a single key on the front panel keypad of these units.
    The 6580-M1 has a built-in output switching module (OSM) with 3 Static Ports and 3 Pitot Ports on the rear panel, which can individually be controlled (opened and closed) using external inputs.