Truck-Mounted Computer | Model 2804

Laversab customers require computer and data acquisition systems in environments ranging from oilfield rigs to rugged and demanding terrain. Computers mounted in these vehicles must be rugged enough to endure the most demanding conditions, including damaging shock and vibration that can be encountered on-site or in transit. Fortunately, Laversab has produced a vehicle-mounted computer model suited to any environment, with added features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 Laversab Model 2804 PC has been engineered to thrive in the toughest conditions. Laversab’s vehicle-mounted computers can withstand damaging shock and vibration. These vehicle-mounted computers typically require panel mounts so they can be embedded in the vehicle and are simple for an operator to use. The ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 Laversab Model 2804 PC has been designed for this application, as it is available with wide ranging power inputs of 9-36 VDC or 90-260 VAC. Regardless of the indoor or outdoor environment, the Model 2084 vehicle-mounted computer is equipped with high-speed wireless connectivity that enables on-site workers to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

2804 Vehicle Mounted Computer

The Model 2804 is sunlight viewable with a compact 10.4” display that will operate dependably in truck-mounted applications under direct sunlight. The unit also offers full function PC capabilities with several inputs and outputs for data collection and distribution. These capabilities of the Model 2804 supply heavy-duty vehicle operators with the data and analytics they need in real-time.

Laversab customers rely on our truck-mounted computers for their reliability, ruggedness, and intuitive design. Laversab is ready to support our customers as their requirements change or if they have specific requests for their systems.

Innovative design and placement of components may allow for the addition of customer-supplied data acquisition (DAQ) boards or application specific digitizer hardware. In many cases Laversab has been able to maintain or re-certify the Zone 2 approvals even with this custom hardware in place. Customized systems are delivered to the user with their software pre-loaded and all hardware tested and verified for functionality.

Finally, Laversab’s truck-mounted computers have flexible mounting options that make it possible to install the computers in vehicles ranging from forklifts, clamp trucks, or cranes to wireline trucks, pressure pump, or hydraulic control vehicles. With this degree of product versatility, the Model 2804 is the ideal solution for vehicle/truck-mounted systems, Toolface Display, Depth Tracking and Pit Monitoring applications.

In short, the Laversab Model 2804 should be the truck-mounted computer of choice for discerning oilfield businesses. When it matters, use Laversab!