Electronic Drilling Recorder Computer

Customer: Middle-East based service provider

Problem: The previous EDR solution used a computer that failed under the high heat and stress of the Middle East environment.

Solution: The customer contacted Laversab to evaluate EDR System as a replacement to their failing solution. Laversab provided the customer with a new EDR System, assisted the customer in porting the previous software onto the new model, and aided the evaluation through the summer. By switching to Laversab, the customer was able to improve his up-time and reduce support due to failing equipment. The customer has now planned to convert all of their rigs to use Laversab EDR System instead of the previous solution. Laversab has committed to supporting them throughout this transition.

Electronic Drilling Recorder EDR Computer

An ideal Electronic Drilling Recorder / EDR Computer should manage the complex network of computers, instruments, and monitoring equipment that operate around a rig. The main EDR computer monitors the drilling operation and displays comprehensive drilling data such as depth, angle and temperature. This data should be stored and transmitted in real time to on-site and in-office personnel. With a large 19” sunlight viewable display, ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 certifications, and wireless connectivity, the Laversab Model 2860 is the ideal Electronic Drilling Recorder computer to display all of your drilling paramaters.

Laversab’s EDR system is well suited to companies who have developed an EDR software but require a high performance computer to serve as wireless, distributed user interfaces. The Laversab Model 2860 can effectively link rigsite personnel, including rig managers, rig crews, operators, geologists, mud loggers, directional hands, and underbalanced drilling operations (UBD) technicians.

The Model 2860 EDR computer was purpose built for use on a rig. An Enable/Disable key on the face of the unit controls the touchscreen for user input, and the large display makes viewing key driller information and metrics easy. This saves rigsite personnel the strain of reading tiny monitors and allows them to perform their tasks more efficiently.

Laversab’s Electronic Drilling Recorder computer has been designed for the rigors of the oilpatch. This unit is fully operational in all kinds of weather situations, including rain, snow, sleet, salt-spray and sunshine. Boasting wide temperature ratings of -40°C to +60°C, the 2860 ensures dependable data collection and display anywhere, anytime, and under any conditions.

High performance EDR software requires a high performance computer. The Model 2860 can be configured with i7 CPU and 32GB of RAM,. In addition, all storage options include a Solid State Drives (SSD) for enhanced speed and reliability.

Given the high temperatures found around a rig, it is essential that an EDR computer have an effective heatsink that can transfer the heat from it so that it can operate at optimal efficiency. With more than 100 square inches of heatsink as a safeguard, the i7 CPU is cooled effectively and can run high demand applications reliably.

Laversab is always ready to support our customers in any event – whether their requirements have changed or they’ve had an unforeseen failure. Laversab is quick to respond simply because our customers’ success is our top priority. Upgrade your existing Electronic Drilling Recorder or Depth Tracking Computer with the Laversab Model 2860 Zone 2 PC, and see what you’ve been missing!