Hazloc Computer & Display

Why Is a Hazloc Computer Necessary?

Oilfield environments present many dangers to on-site crew, including gases, vapors, or particles that can create an explosion when they come in contact with an ignition source. Examples of common ignitable materials include flammable gases, combustible liquid vapors, combustible dusts from organic materials, and ignitable fibers. Due to the ever-present danger of fire and explosion, oilfield environments are often designated as a hazardous location or “hazloc.”

This is where Laversab Oilfield’s new HAZLOC computers come in. Available in models 2804, 2852, and 2860, these workstations are designed for Zone 2 environments, which consists of atmospheres in which a mixture of air and flammable substances (e.g., gas, vapor, or mist) persists for at least a short period. These models are suited for rugged applications and feature hazloc displays that can withstand oil rigs, vehicle panels, and environments where safety is critical due to extreme weather and shock/vibration conditions.

What Can You Do with a Hazlock Display?

If you’re an oilfield operator, hazloc equipment certification is important for a number of reasons. From a safety point-of-view, Laversab’s HAZLOC computers help to prevent serious accidents and give crew members the peace of mind they need to do their jobs effectively. On the business side of things, having hazloc certification can determine whether a company is allowed to sell their products within the industry. And from an operational standpoint, hazloc computers are long lasting and don’t often require replacement parts or multiple setups.

HAZLOC computer units can be configured to meet any specific requirement, including multiple protocols and both wired and wireless communication options. Also, these units can also integrate printed circuit boards (PCBs) designed by either the customer or by Laversab Oilfield for custom applications. Customer-specific software can be installed before or after delivery of the product.

To achieve certification in the US, operators are expected to follow NEC (National Electric Code), which puts hazloc into classes, divisions, and groups. NEC classifies hazardous locations in three ways: Type, Condition, and Nature. Typically, these hazardous environments require computer systems to be certified to Class 1/Division 2 (in the US and Canada), and persons and equipment are subject to harsh conditions with a potential risk to safety due to the presence of flammable substances.

Laversab Oilfield is proud to offer hazloc computers and other equipment that’s certified for Class 1 Div I, Class 1 Div II, ATEX Zone 1 or ATEX Zone 2. These hazloc-certified products offer a high degree of performance and reliability in a variety of oil and gas applications and environments. With Laversab Oilfield products, owners and operators can rest assured that they will be able to meet the highest performance standards and the most stringent safety requirements

Operating in hazardous oilfield environments can be a challenge, so let Laversab Oilfield assist you. Call or email today for more information about the hazloc environments and its HAZLOC computer models.

  • HazLoc Computer: Model 2800 (Legacy)

    Laversab Model 2800 is a Class 1 Division 2 certified HazLoc workstation designed for legacy systems. This unit includes a 15” touchscreen and options for a 2.4GHz or 900MHz wireless radio.

    Customer-specific software can be installed before or after delivery. However, Laversab recommends the Models 2804 / 2852 / 2860 for new requirements.