Frequently Asked Questions

THE ARTS 7000 is controlled using an iPad running a Laversab App. 

The iPad controller is connected to the ARTS 7000 over a Wi-Fi connection.  The ARTS 7000 generates its own unique Wi-Fi network that the iPad can connect to. 

The ARTS app can be downloaded from the Apple app store, its name is  Laversab ARTS-7000, you can download it here

The ARTS 7000 App can be downloaded for free. Laversab recommends our customers to download and try the app in demo mode.

All software upgrades relating to existing capability for the iPad App and the ARTS 7000 hardware are free of charge for the life of the unit.

Yes, the app can be downloaded and used in demo mode without connecting to the ARTS 7000 test hardware.

​Transit Case (P/N: 118-2253) 
Use the transit case to protect and as a shipping box. ​

Telescope Antenna (P/N: 123-0239) 
Use the telescope antenna to test Nav/Comm functions. ​

​Pulse Antenna (P/N: 123-0230) 
Use the Pulse Antenna to test Transponder/DME functions. ​

Antenna Coupler (P/N: 123-0237) 
Use the antenna coupler to improve the communication between the aircraft and the pulse antenna.  ​

​Wi-Fi antenna (P/N: 
The Wi-Fi antenna must be connected to ARTS 7000 to provide a signal. ​

Tripod (P/N: 118-2286) 
The tripod is to mount the Pulse antenna.

​Accessory Case (P/N: 118-1945) 
Use the Accessory case to storage antennas and cables. ​

​Antenna Adapter (P/N: 116-00349) 
Use the male to male BNC coupler to mount the telescope antenna on the tripod.

​6 ft Coaxial cable (P/N: 117-0487) Optional  
20 ft Coaxial cable (P/N: 117-0488) Standard  
60 ft Coaxial cable (P/N: 117-0489) Optional  
Use the Coaxial cable to connect the Pulse antenna for the transponder/DME test or as an extension of the telescope for the NAV/COMM test. ​

​Power Cables Options  
US Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1228]  
UK Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1328]  
Europe Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1268]  
Swiss Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1311]  
India Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1260]  
China Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1425]  
Australia Power Cable (6 Feet) [129-1440] 
Use the power cable to connect your ARTS to AC. ​

Battery pack (P/N: 115-1282) 
Use the battery pack as a spare battery for your ARTS unit.

​External Attenuator (P/N: 123-0235) 
Use the External Attenuator to extend the usable range of RF output power and perform sensitivity checks. Mountable Low-Profile, TNC M/F conn, bidirectional.

The name of the application (App) for ARTS is Laversab ARTS 7000. 

The name of the ARTS Wi-Fi network is ARTS-SERIAL NUMBER.

Switch unit power tBATT.