RVSM Pitot Static Tester Model 6300 – 2 Outputs

The 6300 Automated Pitot Static Tester is designed to connect directly to an aircraft’s Pitot and Static system. Using the small and lightweight Remote unit a user can operate the tester from the cockpit and use it to test the entire pitot and static system of the aircraft, including altimeters, climb indicators, airspeed / Mach indicators, air data computers and auto-pilots. This air data test set includes built-in vacuum and pressure pumps and emergency manual bleed-down valves. The operator simply connects power, and the pitot and static hoses, to make the unit operational. The high accuracy of this unit meets RVSM requirements. Also, it needs to be calibrated only once a year. The use of “Profiles” makes it possible for the operator to run through a test using only a single key on the Remote unit. Additionally, all commands can be performed through the RS232 interface. With a typical lifespan of 20 years, the 6300 Pitot Static Tester provides an excellent return on investment. With outstanding support provided by Laversab over the life of this RVSM tester, the 6300 delivers unsurpassed value.

Contact: Kerry Nabors
Phone: 281-325-8300