RVSM Automated Pitot Static Tester at Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2013 Trade Show

Laversab Aviation Systems will be exhibiting at the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2013 held in Seoul, Korea on October 29th – November 03nd , 2013. All the Laversab RVSM Pitot Static testers will be on display, including the versatile Model 6300 Automated Pitot Static Tester. Like the other Air data testers from Laversab, the Model 6300 is easy to use.

It is designed to connect directly to an aircraft’s Pitot and Static system. By using the small and lightweight Remote unit, the user can test the entire pitot and static system of the aircraft from the cockpit. The operator simply connects power and the pitot and static hoses, to make the unit operational. This RVSM tester needs to be calibrated only once a year.

Additionally, the “Profiles” software feature provided on this pitot static tester makes it possible for the operator to run through a test using only a single key on the Remote unit. Military and high range versions are available to suit all applications. The Model 6300 Pitot Static Tester has a typical lifespan of 20 years and provides an excellent return on investment.