Output Switching Module (OSM)

The Output Switching Module (OSM) from Laversab operates with the Laversab Model 6600. Aircraft with “smart-probes” require up to 16 hose-connections, which invariably results in a tangled-web of hoses, multiple ‘Tee’s, and many leaks in the fittings, not to mention the lengthy time required for setup. The OSM eliminates all these problems.

In the OSM, each adapter is pre-connected to its hoses and the hoses are pre-connected to the Pitot, Static and AOA outputs of the OSM. The hoses for each adapter are bundled together in a sleeve and this bundle is wrapped onto a reel along with the adapter. The OSM houses 4 reels, one for each adapter. During setup, the user simply unwraps each hose-bundle and adapter from its reel and slides the adapter onto the correct aircraft probe. There are absolutely no other connections to be made. The operation takes very little time, eliminates leaks and results in only four neat hose-bundles connecting to the aircraft.

An additional advantage is that the OSM can be used for automated leak-checking, either on the entire system or on each individual port of the aircraft. This is a huge time-saver.

Contact: Kerry Nabors