New Laversab Wi-fi Feature

6200-ind-picture2Laversab is introducing a new revolutionary feature that will change the way Pitot-Static tests are being performed, by bringing a much-anticipated feature on its new 6200 series Air Data Test Sets: wireless communication between the remote controller and the Pitot-Static base.

This new capability allows operators to bring any iOS device in the cockpit without having to pull a cable, and control, measure, or leak-check the aircraft under test wirelessly, through the iPad app available on the App Store. The app will be working both with touchscreen and virtual keypad input, giving you most versatility in every situation. The app will be available for free for the lifetime of the product, and every Laversab unit is always backed by the Laversab Advantage, a set of amazing perks that make our service the best on the market.

Wi-fi feature will come for free on every new unit built and will come for a minimal upgrade fee for older units. Please ask your local representative about the new Laversab Wi-fi feature!