Laversab, Inc. Unveils the Brand New Model 6600-NG

Sugar Land, TX, April 12, 2017 – The newly designed Model 6000-NG is the latest member of the comprehensive family of RVSM Air Data Test Sets from Laversab, Inc.

“This three channel Air Data Tester includes a Wi-Fi feature that allows customers to use their iPads to remote control the 6000-NG,” said Thibault de la Grandville, OEM Aviation Sales at Laversab.

The brand new Model 6600-NG is more compact and 15% lighter than the previous three-channel tester, with an all-in-one-sight interface that makes it incredibly easy to operate. This three-output unit also features a wired remote with an LCD display that enables air data checks to be performed directly from the cockpit with a single operator.

In addition to functioning as an outstanding RVSM Pitot-Static tester, the Model 6600-NG can perform the specific checks pertaining to the SmartProbe equipped aircraft, such as the Embraer EJETS 1 & 2, Bombardier Cseries, Dassault Falcon 5X, 7X & 8X,  and Gulfstream G650.

The Wi-Fi capability of the Model 6600-NG enables cordless control of the unit with any Apple, Android or Windows 10 tablet from distances up to 50 feet. With profiles to automate checks and the possibility to set timers for leak checks, the Model 6600-NG is the hottest three-output test set on the market right now.

The Model 6600-NG is affordably priced and comes with all the Laversab Advantage service perks our customers know, expect and love. For more information, call Laversab, Inc. at (281) 325-8300, or email


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