Laversab: A trusted name for Pitot Static Testers

6200-ind-picture2For over 30 years Laversab has been providing high-performance Pitot Static Testers and Air Data Test Sets to the aviation industry. These products are successfully being used in the Military, Commercial, Business and General aviation sectors all over the world, both for fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft.

This month Laversab is presenting a brand new Pitot Static Tester that is ideally suited for the Helicopter market. This tester has a combination of features that are specifically tailored for those who perform Pitot Static checks on helicopters. This product is priced economically to make it very affordable for even the smallest test facility. A battery power option allows the tester to be used in locations without AC power. For use in extreme cold locations, optional internal heaters are available. A brand NEW app transforms any iPad into a wireless remote control for this tester. With the long life-span of these testers, a modest investment to purchase one today, will pay handsome dividends for many years to come.

There are additional benefits of buying a Laversab tester. Laversab will provide the right adapters and hose-kit for your aircraft. Training will be provided to your technicians, at your facility, free of charge. When it is time for your tester to be calibrated, you can send it to any of our authorized service centers and expect a turn-around time of only 2 to 3 days. With 14 service centers located in countries all around the world, you are sure to find one relatively close to you. If you ever have a problem with the tester, a loaner unit will be shipped to you over-night, free of charge. In short, you will never have to worry about your Pitot Static testing needs.

With all these benefits, you will begin to experience what you have been missing all along…. The Laversab Advantage !

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