Automated Pitot Static Tester with Digital and Touchscreen Remote for Helicopters or Small Jets

Laversab, Inc. is introducing 2 new Automated Pitot Static Testers which are designed specifically for small jets and helicopters.

The Model 6200 has been designed for non-RVSM aircraft including helicopters. But, the Model 6250 is fully RVSM compliant and is the ideal tester for small RVSM Jets. Both testers are used perform accuracy and leak checks. The high accuracy of the pitot output is ideally suited for checks at low airspeeds. Equipped with a large sunlight readable LCD, a touch screen and a redundant keyboard, these testers are easy to use. The ‘Profiles’ feature allows 20 different test profiles with 50 test points each to be stored in the testers, adding to their convenience. Both testers can be ordered with an internal 8-hour battery, making them completely portable. Additionally the wide operating range option allows them to be usable in any environment. These features along with an attractive price point and Laversab’s unparalleled customer support give these testers exceptional value.