ADTS with pumps

Laversab introduces the Model 6580 Automated Air Data Test Set (ADTS). This test set has the same accuracy as the popular Model 6500 but with the added feature of built-in pumps. No external pressure or vacuum sources are needed, which greatly simplifies the setup. With the extensive use of mufflers and shock-mounts, the internal pumps run very quiet and transfer minimal vibration to the enclosure. The 6580 is configured for a 19″ rack and occupies 4U height. An optional Remote unit is also available. GPIB and RS232 interfaces are standard. Also available are a very high accuracy version (Model 6580-HA) and a low-airspeed version for helicopters and UAV’s (Model 6580-HA-LR). This tester is ideal for use either on the bench or in ATE systems.

Contact: Kerry Nabors
Phone: 940-230-0123