AMC 2015

Czech Republic , Prague is among the world’s most beautiful places – famous for their creamy, delicious pastries, beautiful scenery, and down-to-earth, prepossessing inhabitants. But another thing that the location is famous for is their capacity to throw fantastic trade shows. Fortunately, for those passionate about the aviation industry, the city is hosting the AMC Trade Show on April 27th of 2015. And from the 27th up until the 30th, those fortunate enough to attend will witness one of the most remarkable aviation conventions the continent has yet to host. No matter where you are from, or what creed you adhere to, the hospitality of the city will make you feel at home. Incredibly friendly, incredibly passionate, incredibly hospitable – these are the characteristics most commonly associated with the people of the Czech Republic.

Thankfully, Laversab Aviation Systems will be attending – and is ready to make a splash. Being one of the greatest manufacturers of pitot static systems known to date, Laversab is eager to share with the people of the Czech republic exactly what their products can do for the world. Without a doubt, it will be one of the most exciting events in the Czech Republic in quite a while, and we are hopeful that you will be able to attend!