The 2017 Air Carriers Purchasing Conference, or ACPC, is among the most prestigious international aviation trade shows that can be found in the continental U.S. The upcoming ACPC will be held in scenic San Diego at the luxurious Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel and is expected to fill quickly. Aviation companies from all around the world are expected to attend the ACPC in August. The ACPC allows airline representatives to network about corporate and social issues related to the aviation industry, thereby making it a meeting that is equal parts business and pleasure. With thousands of aviation experts scheduled to be in attendance, the 2017 ACPC is likely to be one of the biggest U.S.-based trade shows of the year.

Laversab, Inc. enjoys the opportunity to get together with other aviation companies and share their product lines and services. Companies from all over the world will attend this year’s ACPC event and we have no doubt that the 2017 edition will be a big hit. We hope you’ll get to witness the brilliant technology on display and absorb the knowledge from the brilliant minds that will be in attendance!