Singapore Air Show

Billed as Asia’s largest aerospace and defense event, the Singapore Airshow attracts high-level government officials, decorated military figures and senior avionics and aerospace executives from around the world. These august personages attend the Airshow, held at Changi Exhibition Centre, on an every-two-years basis in order to forge partnerships and seal deals that will impact the international aerospace and defense markets. Held every two years, the upcoming edition of the Singapore Airshow for 2018 promises to be as momentous an event as the ones that preceded it.

A key presentation at the Singapore Airshow is the Aviation Leadership Summit, which attracts an international gathering of delegates from various governments and aviation corporations. Other key strategic conferences that will take place at the Singapore Airshow include the A*STAR Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum and the Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference. Members of the Laversab team testify that fascinating information is shared at these presentations and we hope to see you in attendance as well!