Seoul Adex 2015

Seoul Adex is just around the corner, and Laversab Aviation Systems is incredibly excited to be a part of such a prestigious trade show. From October 20th to 25th of 2015, the eccentric city of Seoul is home to a trade show that is talked about so frequently among the greatest minds of the aviation industry. This trade show, Seoul Adex, will have hundreds of thousands of participants – from aviation titans to enthusiasts – in attendance, and without a doubt, will be one of the greatest trade shows the continent of Asia has ever witnessed.

If you are anywhere near the city of Seoul, please come check it out. Laversab Aviation Systems is excited to show the world its talents; and during the course of this particular trade show, the world will see some of Laversab’s most magnificent technology. You guys are in for a real treat; there is absolutely no doubt about it!