NBAA Maintenance 2016

The beautiful city of Kansas City, Missouri will be hosting the NBAA Maintenance convention from May 3rd to the 5th. A handful of the most brilliant professionals, pioneering the aviation industry and lifting it to unprecedented heights, will be attending. This makes for the perfect opportunity for wondrous collaboration among experts, as well as a great learning experience for those interested in getting into the domain. No matter where you are in your current professional career, the NBAA Maintenance convention will accept you with open arms – eager to teach you as much as you can conceivably absorb.

What role will Laversab play in this convention, you may ask? Simply put, Laversab is committed to expanding the consciousness of the professionals in the aviation domain. The engineers and technological mavens here at Laversab know that they possess a treasure trove of knowledge about pitot static systems. This knowledge will be passed down to those interested enough to learn more about said products.

Given how important this conference is to so many people, it is highly recommended that you make arrangements now – to ensure that a spot is still available. It would be such a shame to miss out on this wondrous event due to procrastination.