NBAA 2017

In October, Las Vegas is set to host one of the premier events in the business aviation community, the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). As in past years, the 2017 NBAA-BACE will unite current and prospective members of the aviation world, including aircraft owners, manufacturers and customers. Hosted by the National Business Aviation Association, the BACE has been ranked the sixth largest trade show in the U.S., with 27,000 industry professionals scheduled to attend the three-day event. NBAA-BACE will also feature over 1,100 indoor exhibitors and more than 50 education sessions, making it a must-attend experience for those looking to learn more about the science and art of aviation.

The Laversab, Inc. team is looking forward to heading to Vegas for the upcoming NBAA-BACE. Because it is one of the country’s largest trade shows, the BACE will be the perfect venue for aviation companies to showcase their wares and increase brand awareness. The event will also be a great opportunity to meet with our loyal customers and get critical feedback about their business needs. In short, we wouldn’t dream of missing it. Reserve your seat now before it’s too late–trust us, you will not regret it!