Maks 2015

Maks 2015 is right around the corner, and the aviation community is on the edge of its seat. Hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals and enthusiasts have been waiting for August 2015 to roll around, just so they could get a glimpse of this highly regarded aviation trade show. If you are anywhere near the Asian continent, you have to make sure to take a trip to Zhukovsky, Russia on the 25th of August. For five days, Russia will celebrate its prestigious trade show, and all present will be fortunate enough to witness some of the most advanced technological advancements in the aviation industry.

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and the technology in the aviation industry is no different. Year in and year out, new inventions and technology are pushing the aviation world to greater and greater heights. 2015 is a year where the most brilliant minds in aviation get to not only showcase their technological breakthroughs, it’ll be a platform for the greatest minds to get together and bat ideas around. Who knows, you may just witness a game changer this coming August. Make sure not to miss it, folks – we promise you won’t be disappointed!