ICUAS 2015

From June 9th to June 12th of 2015, ICUAS is coming to Atlanta, Georgia. Aviation industry engineers, technological mavens, and other professionals will convene to share with the world their contributions to the brilliant aviation domain. People from all over the world will also join in to learn as much as they conceivably can about the latest technological advancements in the industry. Laversab Aviation Systems is committed to sharing with all attendees precisely why their pitot static systems are so incredibly valuable – and why their pitot static systems are the best in the industry.

ICUAS stands for the International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems. With the advent of drones, more and more individuals are getting interested in air crafts. The burgeoning of interest has made it a boon for those who are close to Laversab’s professionals, as our professionals have the necessary skill and expertise to ascertain and explain where the industry is heading in the future.

With so much going on in the industry, and with such an expansive knowledge-base, Laversab has signed up to explicate the advancements in aviation. Our professionals have such passion for the industry, that none of this seems like work – just a fun event where a bunch of people of like minds get to meet up and have a great time.