Heli UK Expo 2015

The Heli UK Expo will commence on May 29th of 2015, and will last until the 31st of the same month. It will be a time of great excitement for those who are interested in and passionate about everything aviation related. In the United Kingdom, the history of the aviation industry and, in particular, the invention of the air craft, is highly regarded as one of the most brilliant achievements in all of man’s history. The Heli UK Expo will be a brilliant way to celebrate such a magnificent field of study – and the presence of so many of the industry’s most knowledgeable pioneers will make for an edifying experience worth all the invested time. Looking at it from a sheer return on investment standpoint, there isn’t a better way to learn about the industry in such little time. Surrounding one’s self with a hundreds of experts – experts who are eager to share their knowledge with people who care – is a great way to become more informed and intelligent about any discipline.

At Laversab Aviation Systems, our engineers and technological mavens have made a commitment to attend this wondrous convention and share with the world exactly why pitot static systems are so important. In addition, our professionals will let the world know why Laversab is the best manufacturer of pitot static systems. This is going to be a fantastic convention, and we surely hope you will be able to attend.