London has always been one of the most coveted destinations for tourists. The culture and the atmosphere are ineffable; and it is just so difficult to find a place like London anywhere else in the world. So definitely, it is a place worth visiting. And if it just so happens that you are in the city in the month of October, even better. Why? Because from the 6th to the 8th of October, Heli Tech, one of the world’s most prestigious aviation trade shows is going to take place, and we want to make sure that you will be present. But why be there? What is the point of the trade show? Simply put, if you are interested in technology and flight, you will have a blast. Not only will the industry’s most cutting-edge technology be on display, but the industry’s most brilliant minds will get together to share ideas and collaborate. And what better place to learn about the industry than being under the wing of the aviation titans? Surely, Laversab Aviation Systems is excited for this opportunity, and frankly, so should you. Come out and have some fun; Heli Tech will be awesome – guaranteed!