Dubai Air Show 2015

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Some of the richest, most extravagant people live there. Their way of life is to live it up and enjoy every moment that one is in existence. We love that about them, and the fact that one of the most prestigious trade shows around, the Dubai Air Show, will be held from October 25-26, 2015 in the city makes it that much more exciting to be in Dubai. Laversab will be attending, and is going to cherish every moment of being there. No place else is remotely similar to Dubai in terms of prestige and culture, and to be there, even for such a short time, is going to be a boon.

If you have the resources, why not join us? It is going to be a majestic experience, and certainly one you will never forget. So come out and have fun; it’ll be a wondrous sight, we promise! But it is important to act now. The sooner you can get tickets, the better, as prices will skyrocket the closer it gets to the date of the show.