Aero India 2015

The Aero India 2015 Trade Show has emerged as one of the most prestigious gatherings in all of Asia. Over 750 companies from India and abroad have made the trip to this prodigious show – making this event its most successful. In ten years, more than a million business visitors have participated. It is no wonder that defense engineering agencies and leaders in aerospace infrastructure and industry have made the commitment to participate year in and year out. And now, this year, the youth innovative pavilion is open for all youngsters and enthusiasts who want to absorb as much information as possible in the domain of aerospace engineering. And what better way to do so? With so many experts from around the globe, with so much aggregate experience all in one place, where else could an eager youngster satiate his or her indefatigable thirst for knowledge? Anyone’s curiosity, anyone’s desire to learn about the aerospace industry can be met with open arms at this event. The folks that make it happen are curious, philosophical minds who meet questions with respect and gratitude, and who take the necessary time to provide as much value to others as possible.

In the 21st century, at a time when so much could be communicated through the internet, why should one travel all the way to India for this meeting? What can be learned? What can be accomplished? For one, Laversab Aviation Systems will not only make a presence, but will also inform the marketplace about their products. By sharing the look and feel of these products, Laversab Aviation Systems will surely expand the ken of all present on all things aerospace related.