Aero Expo UK 2015

In the United Kingdom, from May 29th to the 31st, the Aero Expo UK will take place – and it is sure to attract the attention of the leading experts and pioneers in the aviation industry. Engineers and CEOs responsible for the manufacturing and design of business and private air crafts will make their presence, and share with all attending precisely what sort of value they bring to the market. Without a doubt, Laversab Aviation Systems is committed to doing just that – to sharing with all attendees precisely what is so special about their pitot static systems, and their aviation systems products. Pitot static systems have always been in high demand in the aviation domain. And Laversab supplies the best of the best – so it is no question that those looking to expand their ken on said product will find Laversab’s presence to be a boon.

Air crafts have a special place in the hearts of the people of the UK, and fortunately for them, this convention will be filled with interesting facts and information about the future of the aviation industry: all the cutting-edge new technology and design methodologies. It will definitely be a wondrous event.