AEA Europe

The AEA Europe Connect Conference (formerly known as the AEA Regional Meeting) is a two-day event celebrating the aviation industry. The annual Connect Conference allows aviation professionals to network with one another, receive updates and training about the industry, and learn about the latest in avionics hardware and software. People attending this regional meeting in scenic Amsterdam share an enthusiasm and excitement about the important informational and technological breakthroughs that will shape the future of the aviation industry.

Due to the exhibitions of cutting-edge technology and the presentations from some of avionics’ brightest minds, Laversab is excited to once again take part in this regional meeting. Just as we enjoy seeing what other vendors have in store, we take pleasure in sharing our latest products with a roomful of our peers. We look forward to the opportunity to participate in the AEA Europe Connect Conference and join our fellow aviation leaders in plotting a course toward a brighter, more innovative future!