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  • Depth Tracker: Option for 28XX

    The Depth Tracker is a fully integrated electronics module that adds depth tracking capability to the Laversab 28xx Series rig-floor computers. The module includes all the necessary safety barriers that allow the user to place the encoder, hook load sensor and manual slip switch in ‘hazardous’ locations. A user-friendly Depth Tracker Software is included, which allows the user to configure and calibrate the depth tracker module. If an EDR or other data logger is not available, the Depth Tracker Software can also be used for logging all the depth tracker measurements for the entire job duration.

  • Depth Tracking Add-on

    The Laversab Depth Tracking Add-on is a PCB that can be added to existing Laversab systems. It is capable of recording depth data while drilling and can interface with Zone 1 encoders and hook-load sensors. It includes easy-to-use software for sensor calibration, data recording, and advanced logging.

    Depth data is formatted as WITS0 and/or WITSML. It can be stored locally or used by any external applications. If no EDR is available, the Depth Tracking add-on can act as the primary depth logger.

  • EDR Software: LINKS

    Laversab LINKS is a rig-ready software package built for the Laversab EDR as well as 3rd party EDRs. It is responsible for acquiring surface parameters, formatting into WITS0 or WITSML™, and transmitting or storing the data. LINKS calculates both time-based and depth-based measurements.

    LINKS is responsible for making real-time surface parameters available to the driller, operator, and offsite stakeholders. Key Performance Indicators, Tour Sheets, and Daily Reports are also managed by the LINKS. LINKS also has modules for Lithology, Swab, Well Planning, and Ton-Mile calculations.

    LINKS is available for daily rent as well as purchase. License access and entitlements can be managed online.

  • EDR System

    The Laversab Electronic Drilling Recorder is designed for common data acquisition applications on the rig, including Mudlogging, Lithology, Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT), Depth Logging, and more. The EDR makes real-time surface parameters available to the driller, operator, and offsite stakeholders. Key Performance Indicators, Tour Sheets, and Daily Reports are generated by the LINKS EDR Software. The system works with typical surface measurement sensors, which can be reused across multiple jobs.

    The Laversab EDR enables service companies to affordably add additional revenue streams by providing EDR services themselves. Multiple payment options are available for qualified customers.

  • Hazardous Location Computer: Zone-2 Workstation

    Laversab Models 2804 / 2852 / 2860 are Zone-2 certified HazLoc workstations designed for rugged applications. These touchscreen units are built for use on the oil rig, on vehicle panels, or in safety-critical environments where extreme weather and shock/vibration conditions may exist. The units can be configured to meet any specific requirements. Multiple protocols and communication options – both wired and wireless – are available.

    These units can also integrate PCBs designed by the customer or by Laversab for custom applications. Customer-specific software can be installed before or after delivery.

  • HazLoc Computer: Model 2800 (Legacy)

    Laversab Model 2800 is a Class 1 Division 2 certified HazLoc workstation designed for legacy systems. This unit includes a 15” touchscreen and options for a 2.4GHz or 900MHz wireless radio.

    Customer-specific software can be installed before or after delivery. However, Laversab recommends the Models 2804 / 2852 / 2860 for new requirements.

  • LINKS Collector

    For customers who require their data to be in WITSML™ format, the Laversab LINKS Collector can convert their drilling data to WITSML™. Versions 1.3.1 & 1.4.1 are currently supported.

    The LINKS Collector can handle most data formats – from WITS0 to proprietary formats used by equipment companies. LINKS Collector is a low footprint software that can run on any rig system.

  • MWD Surface System: Decoder included

    Laversab Models 4104 / 4152 / 4160 are Zone-2 certified MWD surface systems capable of Positive-Pulse decoding at the driller’s cabin. The unit comes standard with an XXT decoder.  Information is decoded and transmitted wirelessly to the safe area, removing the need for bulky cabling.

    The MWD computer includes a Tool Programming Interface and complete software suite featuring Tool Config, Roll Test, Vibration Monitor and more to set up and program the downhole tool and surface receiver.

    Over 1500 units of the Laversab 4100 family have been deployed. It is a seasoned and reliable tool for any directional drilling company.

  • MWD Surface System: Integrate Your Decoder

    MWD Tool Designers can integrate their Decoders into Laversab Zone-2 units to create a certified MWD Surface System. These surface systems can decode and display data in any environment and wirelessly transmit information to the safe area. Systems can be configured to meet any rig requirement, and high performance CPU options are available.

    Surface Systems designed with Laversab are certified for Hazardous Locations, more efficient to rig-up, and come with Laversab’s world-class service and renowned support. When quality matters, use Laversab.

  • MWD Surface System: Model 4100 (Legacy)

    Laversab Model 4100 is a Class 1 Division 2 surface system designed for Legacy systems. The unit comes with an XXT decoder and software suite and is capable of decoding, displaying, and wirelessly transmitting downhole data.

    The system includes a Tool Programming Interface to set up and program the downhole tool before a job.

    For new requirements, Laversab recommends the Models 4104/4152/4160.

  • MWD Surface System: Zone 1 Display

    Laversab Model 3200 is a Zone-1 certified Driller’s Display Unit (DDU). This ultra-compact unit is fully sealed and ready to be used on the rig. It typically pairs with a Decoder that resides in the safe area.

    The Model 3200 displays critical MWD telemetry information including Tool Face, Inclination, Azimuth and more; the 3200 can also be customized to display WITS0 data.  The ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certifications make this unit suitable for both Offshore and Onshore deployment.

  • PLC Connector to WITSML™

    The Laversab PLC Connector converts PLC well data to WITSML™ formats. The PLC Connector enables equipment data to be analyzed with drilling data. Operators and service companies can derive insights on rig equipment performance correlates to drilling performance. They can also monitor equipment to predict and prevent failures.

    PLC Connector supports Modbus TCP/IP, OPC, SLC 500 (Rockwell/Allen Bradley), Step 7 (Siemens), and other protocols.

    Data across multiple rigs and fields can be compared and analyzed to provide insights into true overall performance. Custom analysis and reports are available from Laversab.