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  • Depth Tracker: Option for 28XX

    The Depth Tracker is a fully integrated electronics module that adds depth tracking capability to the Laversab 28xx Series rig-floor computers. The module includes all the necessary safety barriers that allow the user to place the encoder, hook load sensor and manual slip switch in ‘hazardous’ locations. A user-friendly Depth Tracker Software is included, which allows the user to configure and calibrate the depth tracker module. If an EDR or other data logger is not available, the Depth Tracker Software can also be used for logging all the depth tracker measurements for the entire job duration.

  • EDR Software

    Laversab LINKS is an on-rig EDR software application that records and displays all surface parameters in real-time. Laversab LINKS can also collect & translate 3rd party data into WITS 0 or WITSML (v1.3.1 or 1.4.1). Well data is presented on both time-based and depth-based charts and can be displayed in metric or imperial units. Drilling and surface data can be analyzed to provide hydraulic, kick and kill, swab information, lithology, and custom calculations. All data can be exported to a customized Tour Sheet or Daily Report. Laversab LINKS can also be customized to meet clients’ specific requirements.

    Laversab LINKS can be used with Laversab EDR System & 3rd party hardware.

  • EDR System

    The Laversab Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR Computer) is a fully integrated hardware and software solution to collect, analyze, and store critical drilling data. The Laversab EDR architecture is both modular and scalable to meet the exact rig requirements. It can be fitted both to new rigs or to rigs with existing cables and sensors. Typical measurements from down-hole tools, cementing units, MPD units, mud-logging cabins, and string data are integrated and presented on an intuitive user interface. Additional measurements can be easily added as well. Real-time data from Laversab EDR can be viewed and stored locally, and it can be transmitted from the rig site to the office for deeper analysis.

  • Model 2800: Class 1 Div 2 Rig Floor Computer

    This compact computer is fully sealed (NEMA-4) and can be operated in hazardous outdoor environments including Class 1 Div 2 areas. Designed to operate under severe vibration and over a temperature range of –40°C to +50°C, the Model 2800 features touchscreen functionality and has a sealed mouse on the face of the unit for redundancy. The sunlight-readable 15” display is clearly visible under all ambient light conditions and provides automatic brightness control. The small foot-print makes this the ideal computer for the Rig Floor, and multiple Inputs, Outputs and Wireless Communication make integration with existing equipment easy for the operator.

  • Model 2804 / 2852 / 2860: Rig Floor Computers (Zone-2)

    The 28xx-Series Zone 2 Touchscreen Computers are designed for rugged applications, including Measurement While Drilling, Electronic Drilling Recording, Depth Tracking, and all types of vehicle mounted applications. The series is available in 10.4”, 15”, and 19” sunlight readable displays. Each unit has room for customer-specific data acquisition boards to be installed and possibly certified for Zone 2 use. An innovative thermal design guarantees adequate cooling and reliable operation in all conditions including -40°C to +60°C temperatures, even when equipped with a high performance i7 CPU for the most demanding applications. Multiple I/O and wireless connectivity come standard. This Series is ideal for high performance computing in extreme environments.

  • Model 3200: Zone-1 Driller’s Display Unit (DDU)

    The ultra-compact DDU is intrinsically safe, fully sealed (NEMA-4) and can be used in hazardous outdoor environments (including Zone 1 areas), under severe vibration, over a temperature range of –20°C to 50°C. The transflective display and LED backlighting provide excellent viewability under all ambient light conditions. This is the perfect driller’s display for displaying information from MWD systems and other Rig-floor monitoring systems.

  • Model 4100: MWD Surface System (Class 1 Div 2)

    This compact unit is designed for use on the Rig Floor and functions as the Tool Interface for the downhole Directional Tool. The pressure transmitter on the pump connects directly to the 4100 and allows the built-in XXT Receiver to decode the mud-pulses generated by the down-hole tool. The 4100 displays all the relevant information received from the tool. It also sends this information through a wireless interface to a safe-area laptop PC for viewing, logging and further analysis. The 4100 along with a safe-area PC provides a complete surface system for the directional tool. Best of all, the 4100 is compatible with various popular directional tools that feature the QDT system.

  • Model 4104 / 4152 / 4160: MWD + LWD Surface System (Zone-2)

    The Model 4100 series Surface Systems incorporate the most accurate and reliable positive pulse MWD decoding right on the rig floor, with transmission of decoded data over a long range wireless connection for further viewing, analysis or collection. The 41xx units include a complete software suite including Toolface display, Tool Config, Roll Test and much more. Available in 10.4”, 15” and 19” display sizes, the Model 41xx series of systems boast a proven track record with nearly 1500 systems in operation around the world. A separate tool programming interface incorporates the long range wireless receiver, and multiple antenna placement options allow for “difficult” locations and obstacles on site. With an onboard WITS server and Generic Variables for 3rd party equipment, the 41xx systems are the most accommodating and dependable surface gear for your new or existing MWD kits.

  • Model 4210: Depth Tracker

    The Laversab Depth Tracker Model 4210 is a fully integrated depth tracking solution in 9 lbs IP66 package with a 10.4” display. The unit includes all the necessary safety barriers that allow the user to directly connect encoder, hook load sensor and manual slip-switch, which could be placed in ‘hazardous’ locations. This unit is pre-loaded with a user-friendly Depth Tracker Software, which allows the user to configure and calibrate the depth tracker module. In absence of an EDR or any other data logger, the Depth Tracker Software can also be used for logging all the depth tracker measurements for the entire job duration.

  • WITSML Real-time Client

    Laversab WellNode is a real-time remote application that allows seamless transmission of well data from the rig to the office. Laversab WellNode is a cloud-based application that enables time-based and depth-based visualization and analysis of data across all client wells for correlation. Both real-time and historical data can be viewed and analyzed to assist decision-making. WellNode supports LAS, CSV, and WITSML data. Detailed reports are generated from within the application. Laversab WellNode can be customized to add additional client-relevant information.

  • WITSML Server

    Laversab WITSML Server is a cloud-based application for storing and accessing well data in the WITSML format (v.1.3.1 or 1.4.1). Client WITSML data is secured, held independently, and available 24/7. Laversab can customize the WITSML Server to meet formats specific to clients.