Model 6300-M3: Military Pitot Static Tester

Model 6300-M3: Military Pitot Static Tester


6300-M3 (NSN: 4920 01 569 1292 )

Static Output

Pressure function

0.1 to 42 inHg
0.001 inHg
±0.002 inHg
inHg, mbar

Altitude function

-4000 ft. to 100,000 ft.
1 foot
± 2 ft. @ 0 ft.
± 6 ft. @ 35,000 ft.
± 12 ft. @ 50,000 ft.
± 50 ft. @ 80,000 ft.
units: feet, meters

Climb function

0 ft/min to ±50,000 ft/min
1 ft/min
±1% of rate of climb
feet/min, meters/sec

Pitot Output

Pressure function

Pt units:
Qc units:
0.1 to 110 inHg
0.001 inHg
±0.003 inHg
inHg, mbar, EPR
inHg, mbar

Airspeed function

0 to 1100 knots
0.1 knots
± 1.5 knots @ 20 knots
± 0.5 knots @ 50 knots
< 0.25 knots above 100 knots
<0.1 knots above 300 knots
Rate of change:
knots, km/hr, mph, Mach
0 to 800 knots/min

Mach function

0.0 to 5.0 Mach
0.001 Mach
±0.001 above 0.2 Mach

Power requirement

90-260 VAC, 47-440 Hz ; 300 VA
Or 28 VDC ; 300W

External Interface

RS232 ; IEEE-488 ; Encoder

Dimensions & weights

Main unit:
Remote unit:
22” x 14” x 9” / 44 lbs
7” x 8” x 2” / 1 lb.

Environmental specs

Operating temp.
Storage temp.
-40 to 55°C
-55 to 85°C
5 to 100%


RVSM compliantThe high accuracy of the tester and NIST-traceable calibration make the tester fully RVSM-compliant and suitable for use on all RVSM-compliant aircraft.

Calibration period: 1 year

Automated operation Simply enter the target set-points for altitude and airspeed and the unit automatically achieves the targets, ramping at the programmed rates. Control at the set-point is stable within ± 1 foot and ± 0.1 knot.

Programmable limitsUser-programmable limits for altitude, airspeed, Mach and VSI provide protection to the aircraft.

“Jog” and “Hold” features Set-points can be “jogged” up or down in small increments. Ramping to a set-point can be put on “hold” and controlled at the current measured value.

“Ground” featureBrings Pitot and Static outputs to ambient “ground” pressure after completing a test.

“Profiles” featureA profile of set-points can be downloaded from a PC, allowing the user to step through the set-points using a single key. Each profile can have up to 50 set-points and 20 profiles can be stored in the unit.

Leak checksPitot and Static leak-checks can be performed either independently or simultaneously. Three leak-timers can be programmed to perform timed leaks between 1 to 20 minutes. The display of “instant” leak rates provides immediate feedback to the user.

Pressure & Vacuum source Built-in high-capacity dual vacuum pumps and pressure pump provide the pressure and vacuum source for the unit. The pressure system includes a filter and membrane dryer to provide clean dry air for the entire system.

Remote unit The Remote unit is the operator interface for the tester. It is small and light enough to be used in the cockpit. The tester can be turned On and Off from the Remote. All valid parameters, including altitude, climb and airspeed, are clearly displayed simultaneously on a single screen on the remote.

Manual Vent The tester includes precision metering valves to enable manual venting of the aircraft’s pitot static system, in the event of power-loss


  • Leak-checks and Air-data-system accuracy-checks on all military and commercial fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s.
  • Leak-checks and Air-data-system accuracy-checks on all RVSM aircraft and military fighter/attack aircraft.
  • Ideally suited for military applications.