NBAA 2015

You know what they say about Las Vegas – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And to an extent, that is absolutely true. People go there to have all kinds of wild and crazy fun, only to keep it on the hush when returning to their family and loved ones. There is one event, though, that will be talked about not only in Vegas, but all around the world, and that is NBAA.

From the 17th to the 19th of November, Las Vegas will host one of the world’s most prestigious trade shows in existence. It’s name: NBAA – and it stands for National Business Aviation Association. For certain, this event is going to take the aviation industry by storm. Hundreds of thousands will be attending. People of all different creeds and backgrounds will get together, all in one place, to bat ideas around and learn more about the science and art of aviation. Whether you are a business magnate or an aviation novice, this place will be a wonderful experience. You are guaranteed to learn a lot and meet plenty of cool people – people who are ambitious, people who have the heart and gumption to bring their ideas to reality. It really is a wonderful thing to see so many great minds all in one place, and we hope that you will add to the tally. Reserve your seat now before it’s too late; trust us, you will not regret making the appearance, no matter where you live.