Aero Friedrichshafen 2015

From April 15th to the 18th of this year, the historical city of Friedrichshafen, Germany will be hosting an incredibly exciting and highly-anticipated trade show. The city of Friedrichshafen has always been full of folks remarkably passionate about the aviation industry – and this will certainly be apparent come April 15th. No doubt, there will be thousands of individuals attending – and many will have no affiliation with the industry whatsoever. That is what makes it such an interesting event: the very fact that people from all over the world, people who are passionate about airplanes and pitot static systems and other aviation technology, will convene to celebrate and appreciate the aviation industry. It is a glorious site to see, and we highly recommend that, if you have the time and the money to attend, that you certainly do so.

Many of the highly-coveted engineers at Laversab have marked their calendars for this particular event – knowing that it is among the most exciting and most highly-anticipated events among the locals of the city. It comes as a shock for many, especially given the fact that most have no idea what aviation even is, but for the folks in Friedrichshafen, Germany, it is just another exciting event that many will be attending.

Laversab is committed to bringing their A-game for this event: talking about and discussing their important and expanding role in the industry – and informing the attendees about the value they bring to the world. It is certainly going to be a packed house on April 15th, and we hope that you will find a way to make it!