AEA Europe 2015

From May 5th to May 6th of 2015, the illustrious AEA Europe Regional Meeting will take place in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. At a time and place of such great economic turmoil, it may come as some surprise for such a gathering to even be on anyone’s radar. But it is, and it is for good reason. The men and women attending this regional meeting are committed to sharing some of the most important information about the future of the aviation industry. With such great, cutting-edge technology emerging on a regular basis, and such inimitable minds making groundbreaking discoveries so expeditiously, it is no wonder that so many people will be attending this meeting. It is an event where even the leaders of the aviation industry will look to expand their ken, to become even more familiar with the future of aviation.

Laversab is excited to take part in this regional meeting. Why? Simply because we are certain that our products are among the best – and everyone in the industry must be familiar with the value we provide in the aviation domain. With such cutting-edge minds at the forefront of this meeting, there is no doubt that it will be a great learning experience for us as well.